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Australia’s leading airlines offer discounts to travellers with a disability.  With the Carer’s Concession card, accepted by Qantas, both the disabled traveller and their nominated carer are eligible for the discount.  This scheme is only available on domestic flights within Australia, and photo ID is required.

The rule of thumb when using any Airline is to call with your specific needs and effectively cross check your travel agent.  Remember, that it will be necessary to negotiate the terminal as well as the boarding and flight, so in fact you have three distinctly different phases of the process and these should be treated as such.  Do not enquire with a broad question or you will get a broad answer.  Also, be sure to confirm that the Airline you have made the booking with is in fact the one performing the carriage and not one of their partners.  If it is a partner then check with the partner Airline.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way lets look at the specific Airline.  You will find that flights between the major cities in Australia are generally done by Qantas, Jetstar or Virgin Blue.  Of course, if you are flying to country cities this will not be the case and I will be adding a list of regional Airlines to the site very soon.

Qantas is the longest established of the three Australian Airlines, however Virgin Blue and Jet Star have cornered a significant portion of the holiday travel.  Jetstar is an offshoot of Qantas and has much lower fares and all in all would be the cheapest of the three.  Be careful though, because they are very very inflexible with arrival times etc and you could run into a problem.

Generally, Qantas and Virgin Blue would be the safest bet when travelling for those with special needs; however this does not eliminate the need to check arrangements.

Australia Tour and Holiday Deals

Australia Tour and Holiday Deals

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